Sunday, November 18, 2012

Allahu Akhbar! Save Gaza & muslim!

I think this is really enough! I hope that our Prime Minister will make some statement "at least" and tell the Israel that we are going to support and send our army to Gaza if Israel never stop killing people. All Muslim need to do something. Maybe I said too much about doing something. Now, let me give you some idea about "doing something"! 

Make du a' and pray for Gaza, Syria & other Muslim.

This is the best weapon for us Muslim. Trust Allah, ask Allah for help! AT LEAST don't forget about our brothers and sisters in Gaza.

Donate for Gaza & Syria

Donate as much as you can and remember when you help Islam, Allah will help you. Don't afraid to give out your money to Gaza. You will lose nothing.

Kill enemies' economy

Yes! what I mean here is boycott all types of product that will contribute to Israel. Maybe we don't really know all the company that support them. So, why not we just use all the product of Malaysia (I think need a lot of effort to do so). I lot of thing to say here actually. 

Tell other Muslim about Gaza 

This is no excuse for me! Because we just need to read and click share and tell other people the condition in Gaza and Syria.

Follow the demo and show the support

At least we can give some impact to them by doing so. And at the same time we give some strength to "Palestinian" to fight for their freedom and make them feel that they are not alone.

Actually a lot of thing you can do to help our brothers and sisters in Gaza, Syria and Muslim around the world. The main point is you, yourself! If you are not willing to do so, then it's useless for other people to tell you what should you do. Me myself also have a lot of thing to improve just same like others. IT IS USELESS when we talk too much but NO ACTION at all. This is also reminder for me.

Huarggh! Now it's showtime!!

Okeh...that title is quite "bombastic". Anyway, this is my next presentation and assignment that I need to do. This is under the subject of Strategic Management. We are in a group of 5, need to compare and identify which cinema in Malaysia is the best and the way they manage and what strategies that they use in order to attract more customer and at the same time maximize their profit by doing so. Actually we need to choose at least five cinema in Malaysia and try it ourself by enjoying the services in all 5 cinema. We pick 5 cinema which are:

1) Golden Screen Cinema (GSC)
2) MCAT Box Office (MBO)
3) Cathay Cineplexes
4) Tanjong Golden Village cinema (TGV)
5) Lotus Five stars

Each of us are given one cinema to make a visit and make SWOT analysis for each cinema which we need to identify their strength, weaknesses, opportunity and threat. I need to do SWOT analysis and other information about Cathay Cineplexes at e@curve (The Curve, Mutiara Damansara). I went there with my group partner for this assignment and we watch movie (Skyfall007) to experience the service that this Cathay Cineplexes provide. There are some differences about this cinema and this cinema quite luxury but the price is affordable and not expensive (normal price).

On the next day, I went to Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) with my group partner at Midvalley. And we are watching the film of "Istanbul..aku datang". There are some differences between this two cinema which one of the differences is their screen. I will explain more further in my presentation and after I make a full analysis about both of this cinema. This is our project and assignment for the subject of "Strategic Management" and alhamdulillah, I already visit and enjoyed their services, hopefully this is my last time. ahaakkkz!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Environment Presentation (Global Warming)

I just want to discuss about the effects of global warming in Malaysia actually. But before that, I would like to define what is global warming. Based on what I have read in my text book, it define that "global warming is the increased in temperature of the earth's surface caused by accumulating GHGs that absorb the sun's radiation"(Thomas & Callan , 2010).

Ugh! I think it is too formal to write it in a full sentence. hahahaaaa...OK! I'm trying to make it look simple and easy. Just proceed to the effect which is my point that I need to elaborate in my presentation. After I've finished my point, then only I will start to look to the other point about the global warming in Malaysia.

I'm still not really sure how to make it simple, packed with information and easy to understand. But maybe I will show the effects of global warming based on more specific area that got affected by it such as :
  • agriculture
  • forestry
  • ecosystem and biodiversity
  • land and recreational areas
  • water resources and availability
  • coastal zone and sea level rise
  • erosion and sedimentation
  • health
  • electricity production and consumption

I just want to see the idea about my presentation. So I think just up to this point only...all the information that I have writen here, I found it in the internet and journal. I will explain further in the next writing or in my presentation and report for this subject. May Allah ease me to do the best! =]

Friday, November 9, 2012

Semester 5, what actually I have learn?!

Huh....already in semester 5 now! at last... OK! Lets take a look on the subject I've take this semester. There are 6 subject in total.
  • Research Methodology
  • Regional Economics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Economics Issues and Policy
  • Public Finance
  • Strategic Management
Fuh!! seriously it's not a joke. all of this subject really kill me. But I just love it. Keke.. as we know, there's a lot of economics issues nowadays. Especially when we are very near with the election in Malaysia plus election in US and Obama already win the election in US.

Actually there are three upcoming presentation that I need to be prepared. Huh..! a lot of work. The upcoming presentation is :
  • Environmental Economics ( Global Warming )
  • Public Finance ( Corporate Income Tax )
  • Strategic Management ( Cinema )
I think after this I will write more in my blog about my assignment and presentation because I always surf the internet. So, rather than I write something that don't really have a benefits, better I write all about my assignment so that I can remember what should be done plus I can share what I have learned in my class. Hahahahaaaa...poyo jap! >_<

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Time is like Gold!

Assalamualaikum...actually I've found this writing in my laptop..maybe from my brother or I just copy and share it here....=D

To realize the value of a sister Ask someone who doesn't have one.

To realize the value of ten years: Ask a newly divorced couple.

To realize the value of four years: Ask a graduate.

To realize the value of one year: Ask a student who has failed a final exam.

To realize the value of nine months: Ask a mother who gave birth to a still birth.

To realize the value of one month: Ask a mother who has given birth to a premature baby.

To realize the value of one week: Ask an editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of one hour: Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.

To realize the value of one minute: Ask a person who has missed the train, bus or plane.

To realize the value of one-second: Ask a person who has survived an accident...

To realize the value of one millisecond: Ask the person who has won a silver medal in the olympics time waits for no one.

Time is really important to human kind. Even Allah swears with 'time' in the several ayah in Al-Quran. Treasure every moment you have. You will treasure it even more.