Sunday, December 2, 2012

My lovely kittens!!! Kawaii ne~~~^_^

I have three cats. My cats are very very cuteeeee!!!^_^ hahaaaaa. My cats are persian cat. My first cat is Sachiko which my mum buy it from when Sachiko only 3 months. After that, a few weeks later, me, my mum and my dad went to Taman Mutiara Rini, Johor Bahru to buy another cat. Again from Heheee. My mum buy two cats which is their name is Saranghae and Ronaldo! =] at that time, their age also around 3 months. They are very cute and I really love to see them but sometimes I afraid also, hahahaaaa..but seriously they are AWESOME!!!

This is my cats. Cute right? Actually not my cat but my mum's cat. But at time when my mum buy Saranghae, Saranghae sick and get flu. At the beginning, I'm the one with my mum and my sister who take care of Saranghae and give her medicine and send her to clinic and Saranghae get an injection. My mum is the one who always clean her. Pity her. But now, she already OK and active again! <3