Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Somebody that I used to know, hahaaa~

Assalamualaikum...sometimes people will love someone more than their life until they think that they only have him or her but the real thing is they still have their own family and friends. Listen, you are not alone and you have many other people around you. Especially, the One who create you, Allah s.w.t. 

There is one type of people that really hard to fall in love but once they love someone, they will love them more than anything even their own family. That's too bad sometimes because when you love too much, care too much, jealous too much, you will be hurt so much. Feel like you're dying. 

It will become much more hurt when people that you love ignore you, when you begging him, he shout and angry at you. And you started to feel like stupid but you still begging him. Yeah! we stupid if we do that. Why we love people too much more than Allah? that's why, you give your love to the wrong place. People that can't appreciate your love and your sacrifice, your hard work to please them. They don't see you. When you feel like you're dying, they live their life like nothing happened. It is not their fault, but our fault because we love them too much.

If that happened to you, you need to realize that, this world is beautiful and a lot of thing we can do to make us happy. Oh my, I think this is quite "jiwang" or too sentimental, hahaaaa. But I know, in reality, all of this happened. This is also what happened to me in a long time ago which at the end, I end up with fall in love with Allah s.w.t., His prophet s.a.w. and Islam, and I'm able to forget him and feel like I don't want to see or meet people that make me hurt so much because all the memories will come in a flashback. It is not because I hate them but, I can't stand to see the people that used to hurt me badly. I'm just a human. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love is Pure with Allah's bless.


"Tenderness will never killed by violence FOREVER!" (hahaaa..using google translate). Hopefully the meaning of that statement can be understand by all of you. This is Islamic drama that I get from AlHijrah television. I know, this drama also not really perfect in term of Islam but still, we as a human, still make a mistake, we are not perfect. When I watch this drama, it's really make me remember something that ever happened in my life. And from my point of view, this drama is really nice. Heeheee.

Some of episode or part in this drama make me remember to someone that seem like "Amir Mukhlis" in this drama and I'm as "Wardah", hahaaaa. But that's the reality that ever happened in our life actually with or without we knowing. The feeling that come together, not the action. Huhuuu.

This is the part from the drama that really make me remember to someone (N.N). People that used to be my saver when I really don't have courage to live in this world any more, when I feel like I want to died. He ask me, and give the answer. All the answer relate to my creator, Allah. I believe, Allah send him (N.N) and all my "sahabat" after that to help me and to encourage me to live.

All Muslim and all girls and guys out there. No matter what, first, you need to give your love to the Only Allah and His prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him). Only that can give you strength to live your life. If you want to keep calm, keep on reading love letter from Allah (Al-Quran). Trust me, try it, understand it and you will feel really calm, seem like Allah really close to you, more closer than you own heart.

P/S : To N**a***n N**iu****, you seem like my brother who give me a lot of advice that makes me more closer to Allah and I'm sorry for everything. Only Allah knows the reason. Thanks for everything. Alhamdulillah.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I have a Dream~

Assalamualaikum..I have a dream. From child until now, I realize that my dream is to be a successful businesswoman. I want to have my own business but at the same time I want to go to Japan, Korea or UK. I want to go to Japan because of their culture, success story and their manner. I want to go to Korea because the same reasons I want to go to Japan. Before this, if I'm not mistaken, Malaysia is more developed than Korea but now, Korea are more developed than Malaysia. So I want to learn something from them.

Next, the place that I really dream to go to further my study is United Kingdom. I just want to learn many things there. Majority people around me that are success in their life as student or working people, have studied in UK. So I want to be like them. I really want to transform myself to a better person. And I want to feel the environment there just like my lecturer ever told me about their student culture that are really different with the university in Malaysia. So I want to experience that feeling.

Besides that, I want to make my parents proud of me. As a Muslim, my life in this world only for Allah and Allah want me to be a good daughter, good people, good Muslim. Only when you know Islam, you will know how beautiful Islam is. So, I want to find myself that really reflect the real Muslim. I want to follow the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) which I want be a successful businesswoman just like him. Even in business, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) really honest in each transaction and never lie about the product. 

Honestly, I want to be rich, not because I want to be popular or what. I want to help people with my money. I want to be a good Muslim that can contribute and help Islam in the future. Just that. Only for Allah and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). I proud to be Muslim and I love Islam. May Allah help me to be a low profile businesswoman. In shaa Allah, aamiiinnn.