Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love is Pure with Allah's bless.


"Tenderness will never killed by violence FOREVER!" (hahaaa..using google translate). Hopefully the meaning of that statement can be understand by all of you. This is Islamic drama that I get from AlHijrah television. I know, this drama also not really perfect in term of Islam but still, we as a human, still make a mistake, we are not perfect. When I watch this drama, it's really make me remember something that ever happened in my life. And from my point of view, this drama is really nice. Heeheee.

Some of episode or part in this drama make me remember to someone that seem like "Amir Mukhlis" in this drama and I'm as "Wardah", hahaaaa. But that's the reality that ever happened in our life actually with or without we knowing. The feeling that come together, not the action. Huhuuu.

This is the part from the drama that really make me remember to someone (N.N). People that used to be my saver when I really don't have courage to live in this world any more, when I feel like I want to died. He ask me, and give the answer. All the answer relate to my creator, Allah. I believe, Allah send him (N.N) and all my "sahabat" after that to help me and to encourage me to live.

All Muslim and all girls and guys out there. No matter what, first, you need to give your love to the Only Allah and His prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him). Only that can give you strength to live your life. If you want to keep calm, keep on reading love letter from Allah (Al-Quran). Trust me, try it, understand it and you will feel really calm, seem like Allah really close to you, more closer than you own heart.

P/S : To N**a***n N**iu****, you seem like my brother who give me a lot of advice that makes me more closer to Allah and I'm sorry for everything. Only Allah knows the reason. Thanks for everything. Alhamdulillah.



wah! nak tengok cerita ni...

neddykawaii said...

kan...^_^ sweet taw cerita dia. yang bagus semua pelakon dia pakai tudung dan tutup aurat in shaa Allah :)

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