Monday, June 10, 2013

Friends...don't misunderstand me!

I love to treat my friends the best. Cause I know, as a human, I need someone that known as "friends". I just know the meaning of true friends from someone which are my best friends. I just know the real meaning of friendship. But how can I explain the real meaning of friendship if I don't feel it and don't let myself to feel it. Right???

There is one Japanese movie that I really love. That movie from the anime movie actually which the tittle is "NANA". I really love this movie maybe because of that movie tell me about friendship. And it's true that sometimes, no matter how much we love "someone", our friends is the one who will be there if we feel sad and down. But when our friends is not there, of course we still have ALLAH. But in this entry, I would like to focus on the value of friendship that I ever felt. I love you friends, thank you so much for such a precious memories.

I'm the type of silent person, therefore it is not easy for me to get a lot of friends in a short time. Only people that really patient with my silent become my friends. It is not because I purposely doing that, but I really that type of person which is I'm very silent when I don't really know people especially the one that I just know. It takes time, really takes time, sometimes about 6 months for me to feel not awkward with the new people. Hahahahaaa..anyway, sorry for my broken English, I'm still learning. Oh My English!

I have some friends that really makes me feel like "whooaaaa" and make me think like "is this type of friendship still exist???" and the truth is, it's really exist and it happened to me.'s really happened to me. Just that, makes me feel like, I'm really worth to them. I just thankful to Allah for give me that kind of friends. Alhamdulillah.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

D'Ra Fusion - Cute Handmade in Da House!

Cute Bookmarks 

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Cute Frame Handmade

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I am who I am

Assalamualaikum...I know, it is not easy to success in this world and need a lot of effort to success. But what to do. I do my internship but people expect me to be a talkative person. I try my best to talk with them. But from my point of view it is useless to talk about something that don't really have a good information. I don't know, it just that I don't have a passion to talk something that I don't know how to response and how to react back. So, I become clueless and just quiet. Is it wrong? Tell me if it is. I'm sorry, really didn't mean it. But when it comes to something that I think there is a valuable information and I know about it, automatically I will show my passion without knowing. It just happened naturally. No need to force. So, I don't need to fake it. And of course I don't want to be fake. That's me. That's the way I am. 

One more that I think it is very important is, when I will be asked by someone to do a certain work, I'll make sure that work can be done as soon as possible. Is it wrong to be like that? Give me time to comfortable with all of you. I need time and I need a lot of time to know people. Because the very first meet, I will observe that person first and when I already know about her/him, only that I will try to understand them and after that, I will become who I am that you never expect me to be. Just, please be patient. You will never regret to wait for it. Because I'm a very loyal friends when I become your friends.

I just want you to know, this is the way I am. I'm this kind of person.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How committed you with your work?

Assalamualaikum...hey everybody! Do you know how committed you with your work? Especially people who work under organization which the work that you will do will benefits your organization not benefits you. The organization will only pay you salary, allowances or bonuses. Besides that, maybe they will rewards you or give a recognition to you if you performed well or if you committed with your work and organization. Only that, it will benefits you.

Therefore, when there is monetary incentives and non-monetary incentives, it will motivate you more to be more committed with your work. In other words, you will be more committed in your job because of your own benefits. Therefore, can you imagine, when there is no monetary incentives or non-monetary incentives? Based on my own experience as a internship student in "_________", at first it really motivate me to work because of the company has a big name in my country, so I really don't mind to do my internship there even without allowances. But now, without motivation from that organisation itself, plus we need to used our own money to go for event and working on Saturday and Sunday, I started to realize that there is no benefits for me besides experience in that company. Even so, it start to demotivate me to work.

Furthermore, in my opinion, it is important for organization to make sure their employees have their own benefits if the organization want to increase their own productivity of the company. Or maybe the organization can give some motivation to their employees to work as a volunteer which they work without any benefits. Hahahaaaaa...whatever =_="

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Somebody that I used to know, hahaaa~

Assalamualaikum...sometimes people will love someone more than their life until they think that they only have him or her but the real thing is they still have their own family and friends. Listen, you are not alone and you have many other people around you. Especially, the One who create you, Allah s.w.t. 

There is one type of people that really hard to fall in love but once they love someone, they will love them more than anything even their own family. That's too bad sometimes because when you love too much, care too much, jealous too much, you will be hurt so much. Feel like you're dying. 

It will become much more hurt when people that you love ignore you, when you begging him, he shout and angry at you. And you started to feel like stupid but you still begging him. Yeah! we stupid if we do that. Why we love people too much more than Allah? that's why, you give your love to the wrong place. People that can't appreciate your love and your sacrifice, your hard work to please them. They don't see you. When you feel like you're dying, they live their life like nothing happened. It is not their fault, but our fault because we love them too much.

If that happened to you, you need to realize that, this world is beautiful and a lot of thing we can do to make us happy. Oh my, I think this is quite "jiwang" or too sentimental, hahaaaa. But I know, in reality, all of this happened. This is also what happened to me in a long time ago which at the end, I end up with fall in love with Allah s.w.t., His prophet s.a.w. and Islam, and I'm able to forget him and feel like I don't want to see or meet people that make me hurt so much because all the memories will come in a flashback. It is not because I hate them but, I can't stand to see the people that used to hurt me badly. I'm just a human. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.