Thursday, April 25, 2013

I am who I am

Assalamualaikum...I know, it is not easy to success in this world and need a lot of effort to success. But what to do. I do my internship but people expect me to be a talkative person. I try my best to talk with them. But from my point of view it is useless to talk about something that don't really have a good information. I don't know, it just that I don't have a passion to talk something that I don't know how to response and how to react back. So, I become clueless and just quiet. Is it wrong? Tell me if it is. I'm sorry, really didn't mean it. But when it comes to something that I think there is a valuable information and I know about it, automatically I will show my passion without knowing. It just happened naturally. No need to force. So, I don't need to fake it. And of course I don't want to be fake. That's me. That's the way I am. 

One more that I think it is very important is, when I will be asked by someone to do a certain work, I'll make sure that work can be done as soon as possible. Is it wrong to be like that? Give me time to comfortable with all of you. I need time and I need a lot of time to know people. Because the very first meet, I will observe that person first and when I already know about her/him, only that I will try to understand them and after that, I will become who I am that you never expect me to be. Just, please be patient. You will never regret to wait for it. Because I'm a very loyal friends when I become your friends.

I just want you to know, this is the way I am. I'm this kind of person.


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